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DTOceanPlus’ Logistics and Marine Operation Tools – alpha version


For immediate release
18 June 2020

WavEC Offshore Renewables is pleased to announce the release of the report “Logistics and Marine Operation Tools – alpha version” prepared under the DTOceanPlus H2020 EU-funded project. The Logistics and Marine Operations (LMO) module, developed by WavEC, is a tool integrated in the DTOceanPlus software, an integrated suite of advanced open-source design tools for the selection, development, deployment, and assessment of ocean energy systems.

Authored by WavEC, this report serves as the technical manual of the alpha version of the LMO module, which is responsible for designing logistical solutions for the installation, Operation and Maintenance (O&M), and decommissioning phases of Ocean Energy projects. Logistic solutions consist of an operation plan and an optimal combination of vessels, equipment and ports that minimise the costs of each operation individually, reducing capital and operational expenditures simultaneously (CAPEX and OPEX).

Expanding on the previous DTOcean version, the LMO module was improved in respect to the vessel selection methodology and the waiting on weather algorithm, providing more meaningful results and a way to quantifying uncertainty. Preventive and corrective maintenance activities were included, namely tow to port maintenance options, and vessel, equipment and port data were updated. Additional flexibility was also implemented to provide the user a way to customise the operations according to their preferences. The development of LMO was carried out in close connection with the rest of the DTOceanPlus modules to support the holistic assessment of ocean energy projects, namely in respect to metrics such as energy performance, farm reliability, maintainability and survivability, project techno-economics and bankability, as well as potential social and environmental impacts.

“Installation and maintenance operations, carried out in offshore environments, are major cost drivers of offshore renewable energy projects”, said Francisco Correia da Fonseca, WavEC Offshore Operations Specialist. “Unveiling early on the potential impacts of project design decisions on the logistic costs will empower technology and project developers to make better decisions and ultimately bring the costs down. This is a vision for which we’ve been working hard at WavEC”.

Image: Installation of Corpower's C3 wave energy converter at EMEC, Orkney

In the next months, the verification and validation of the LMO module when integrated in the DTOceanPlus design suite of tools will take place, until the final Beta version is released.

More information about the project is available on the website: or you can contact WavEC.
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