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Collaborative Initiative for Aquaculture Robotic Systems – CIARS project


For immediate release
16 June 2020

WavEC Offshore Renewables is pleased to announce that the Collaborative Initiative for Aquaculture Robotic Systems - CIARS has successfully been concluded. CIARS is a bilateral  13.000€ EEA Grant funded project that gathered WavEC – as Coordinator - and partner Sintef Ocean AS with the aim to bring together the main players in development of robotics and sensing system focused on aquaculture and other offshore technologies and the Norwegian sector.

WavEC and Sintef collaboration in this sector comes from past projects, namely the Research council of Norway project: Artifex for the development of an autonomous system for inspection and repair of offshore aquaculture fish nets.
In addition to allowing mutual knowledge between the two entities involved, the project intended to foster cooperation between Portugal and Norway in the field of aquaculture at the level of Research, development and technological innovation in offshore aquaculture and other offshore technologies and development of value chains.
In the aim of the CIARS project exchange programmes were promoted between researchers from Portugal and Norway. On the 4th of December 2019, WavEC received Norwegian top speakers in this field of expertise to its Annual Seminar that took place in Lisbon. The Seminar, entitled Portugal and Norway: Marine renewable energy and offshore aquaculture was organised with the collaboration of the Norwegian Embassy in Portugal and Innovation Norway. On the 5th of December B2B meetings were held between Norwegian and Portuguese entities.
In 2020 WavEC Seminar will take place with the collaboration of the Embassy of Canada, on the 3rd and 4th of December, also in Lisbon, Portugal. More information will be available on the WavEC website:
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