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KYMANER will supply 1.5 MW air turbine for wave energy

Lisbon, 04/12/2018

The portuguese company Kymaner announced today to have signed a contract with UK based company Bombora Wave Power Ltd to supply what is to date the largest air turbine developed for the conversion of wave energy, with a maximum rated power of 1,5 MW. The excellence of Portuguese engineering in air turbines for wave energy is recognized internationally and this is the culmination of more than forty years of applied research.

The turbine design is now starting and it is scheduled for delivery at the end of 2019. The work will be developed in close relation with the Wave Energy Group of Instituto Superior Técnico and both fabrication and assembly will be carried out in Portugal. The supply will include the air circulation ducts, the instrumentation and the control of the Power Take-off unit. The unidirectional air turbine will integrate the innovative mWave system from Bombora to be installed off the coast of Wales for testing over the next two years and will be optimized to meet the particular requirements of the system.

The mWave converter is fixed to the sea floor in approximately 10m depth, where a large proportion of wave energy is accessible without exposure to extreme surface loads. This greatly reduces the risks associated with surviving storms and enables a simpler and more cost-effective design.

The mWave features a series of air-inflated rubber membranes mounted to a concrete structure on the sea floor, all arranged at an angle to the incoming waves. As waves pass over the mWave, air inside the membranes is squeezed into a duct and through a turbine. The turbine spins a generator to produce electricity. The air is then recycled to reinflate the membranes ready for the next wave.

Artist impression of the PTO module showing unidirectional flow through the turbine -courtesy Bombora Wave Power

About the company

KYMANER is an SME with expertise in the fields of air turbines for wave energy plants, hydro-mechanical systems, industrialization and composite materials, providing global engineering, design and turnkey project delivery services, from project definition through to the supply, installation and maintenance. Ever since its creation Kymaner has concentrated its efforts in the development of air turbines for Wave Energy Converters of different types and holds a patent on an innovative biradial turbine for reciprocating flow. The activity and expertise of the IST Wave Energy Group cover most areas in wave energy technology. In the last few years, the activity focused on offshore wave energy converters of oscillating water column type and the development of new types of air turbines. IST holds several patents related to wave energy conversion.

Jose Varandas (Kymaner, Executive Director) 919700346

Luis Gato (IST, Associate Professor) 968020265
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