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WavEC and LOC join forces for the development of offshore wind

WavEC, Offshore Renewables started in January 2017 a new partnership with LOC Group Limited in the field of marine renewable energies, specifically in activities related to offshore wind. The LOC Group Limited is the premier independent marine and engineering firm serving the renewables, oil & gas and shipping industries with offices spread around the world.

WavEC believes that this partnership with the multinational company with head offices in London will benefit the offshore wind sector through the expertise that both parties bring to the sector.

“We are delighted to work together with LOC, one of the major marine and engineering consultancy companies.” said António Sarmento, President of WavEC.  “We feel certain WavEC will complement LOC.  The pooling of knowledge and experience of WavEC and LOC will assure successful projects and a significant contribution to the industry”.
About WavEC
WavEC Offshore Renewables is a consultant company with a deep R&D background founded in 2003, dedicated to promote the development of marine renewable energy as a new industry supported by knowledge and innovation. WavEC has now more than 20 very qualified personnel in a wide range of fields relevant to marine renewable energy: monitoring & instrumentation, marine environment, site selection & resource assessment, aero & hydrodynamic modelling, economic models and licensing & public outreach.
About LOC
LOC Group Limited is an independent marine and engineering consultancy and survey organisation, providing high quality services to the shipping and offshore energy industries. LOC was established in London in 1979. Since then, it has grown into an international, multi-disciplinary organisation, with offices across the world. The team now comprises over 400 professionally qualified personnel.
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